The Tron Dance

We always appreciate and admire things that are beautiful and unique. We couldn’t resist to share this fascinating dance with our viewers, the performance took place in Japan recently. A group of the dancers, called  The Wrecking Crew Orchestra who were touched with the light of LED heaven by  Minoru Fujimoto. The suits appear to be as like in Tron so the people start rolling it as a Tron Dance although the dance wasn’t named like that.

 Minoru Fujimoto is considered to be the professionalise of his work and yet he has produced another great dancing experience for the world. The strange part is that this type of dance was not taken up to the higher level for world recognition. Instead it was performed in Japan and we are pretty hopeful that this concept will flow like a fire in Dance Industry. Moreover these performers also performed in Advertisement of Xperia by Sony. The performance is a must watch! Take a break and check out the video

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