Spider Silk — The Coming Technology

Spider silk could be the next technology ahead which can bring a big revolution in electronics industry. A team from Iowa State University US have discovered that the spider silk could be one of the most efficient material in the conductivity of heat in future.

Professor Xinwei Wang the head of research department told that the silk material which is obtained from spider web can provide a 800 times better and more conductance of heat than any other organic material. The professor used eight golden silk orbweaver spiders to perform his tests and finally in the end he concluded that these things can be utilized in a great way in future. The electronics could have this type of material which will provide far good conductivity of heat than other materials. The astonishing fact was that when the silk is stretched its conductivity increases by 20% which was purely opposite of what researchers predicted.

We might be watching our future technologies integrated with spider silk to make them more efficient.

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