Project Glass From Google Serves As An Augmented Reality

Back a few days ago we all have been hearing the news of Google secretly working on some glasses and well now they officially launched a teaser or a concept of what they have been working all the time. Before telling you what they actually showed up, let me tell you that if this is true, this is going to be AWESOME! In short the Google would change the concept of our daily life and we would be having more Augmented Reality every time.

So what Google has been working so far is all based on AR and these glasses which they showed up in the video would definitely be working on the same technology. The glasses are capable of taking pictures, making videos, playing musics, connecting to your Google plus accounts, even they pop up you maps and schedules. And last but not least they are having a Siri sounded voice navigator.


Every thing displayed would be on AR. Now we have been knowing the depth of AR previously but to integrate that technology with these type of glasses would be really cool. We would be patiently waiting for these glasses in market but Google hasnt release any details on its launch date or price. What we know is that this type of concept is still far from manufacturing.

Watch out the video and check the amazing Google Glasses.