Hide YouTube, Safari, and Other Default App Icons in iOS 5

If the user has never used the YouTube app, it will be quickly disabled. This method is more preferable than just stuffing it into a folder with other default apps you don’t use.Users can also find some core iOS features which can be disabled in the menu, including things like Ping, iTunes and the ability to install apps completely.

iOS 5 has many upgraded features which provides more convenience to the users and privacy  for the confidential apps. The user can hide many of the Apple default applications and their icons from appearing on the home screen and menu screen of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. By this the user can hide YouTube and iTunes, but also the essentials like Safari and Mail if you are opting to use third party or web apps in their place.The procedure for disabling the icon display is given as below:

  •  Open the menu and Tap onto “Settings” icon.
  • In settings click on “General” and then “Restrictions”
  • Slide apps you want to hide to “OFF” as displayed below