Agera Range Updated Will Blow Your Mind

Koenigsegg, the producers of Agera and Agera R will be definitely hitting some bucks in the next year. The purely sleek designed Agera picked up by updater squads of Koenigsegg is now finally ready to hit the roads. You might not believe your eyes what Agera has turned out to be, it will feature new sports Aircore disks made from carbon fibre. Moreover a new control unit along with the IES and  5-liter V8 twin turbo producing 973 hp maximum power (98 gasoline) will surely pack a lot of punch in the car. Additionally, Intervention level limiter has been upgraded to  7500 rpm from 7250 rpm. Overall the look and the design also appeals alot. If in the next summer you are planning to have a sporty car this will be undoubtedly a perfect choice. Here is the collection of some pictures of this coming beauty