The Cupcake ATM

So called the “Cupcake ATM” which has taken a good interest of the world in last previous days is for sure a unique thing coloured in pink. It is loaded with 600 cupcakes at a time and all your favourite  Sprinkles cupcake mixes, apparel and dog treats can be found in it.  So all you do is just select your product type and pay out from your debit card. Just after the purchase you can see the camera on your ATM screen bringing you your cupcake and packing it and than taking it out of the machine. Ofcourse it is the first time we have ever seen such types of machine and yes it is the first of its kind but accroding to the producers we will be seeing alots of such machines all over and moreover we will find a great diversity in the items as well. So its good to have such thing around which can atleast kill your appetite for a while. Take a break and enjoy the video!