The Camping At NASA — MMSEV

We would probably love to go to some hiking or have a camping some where with a couple of friends in our vacations but what NASA does is something really serious and productive. They people jump in a virtual Asteroid and perform their camping their, in the mean while they collect different samples and have tests/trainings which ultimately gets productive for them at real missions.

Mock Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle (MMSEV) in a virtual reality environment is provided which plays the actual role for this training/camping. There are two guys there in the MMSEV one is an astronaut and other is a geologist. In MMSEV there is a kitchen, a waste collection system, sleeping quarters for two and enough food and water for three days. Moreover there is a cockpit at front and suit ports at back of the MMSEV. Astronauts can use these suit ports to get in and out of the MMSEV to perform some EVAs.

This type of camping is a perfect training environment which can provide alot of information and training to the astronauts. Further these people also collect samples and explore the area, which in terms provide them big edge at future missions. Check the action video below

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