Paper Laptops

The greener the world the healthier we are. Stepping in this century one of the most focused aspect is to save nature and to minimize the sources we utilize and control the usage of planet gifts to us. Computers and their accessories are made up of  metals and different type of plastics and non recyclable things. To save nature, some Chinese people have come up with a brillaint idea of making paper laptops.


Well its the paper you see or use in your daily life.  To give you an idea its used to make shell of the laptop. A combination of recycled paper and polypropylene does the job. Polypropylene is a plastic type material mostly used in your furniture and other house hold items. That along with paper makes a perfect combination to withstand hot boiling temperatures. These type of laptops would definitely give the laptop industry a new dimension of production. Lets get our hopes strong to see these things in coming future.