Enable iOS 5 panorama mode on your iPhone without Jailbreaking

It is not necessary for every application to support the jailbroken versions of IPhone. Many features work without the jailbreaking and especially in iOS 5 the latest updated and upgraded version iOS operating system.

In iOS 5 the panorama feature/ mode works without having the jailbreak. But it is preferred to create the backup files, editing plists and restoring facilities enabled. These all mentioned tasks are not difficult at all. Keep in mind these are for your own convenience not mandatory.

For more guidance you can search the internet and surely you will get some helping stuff. In Panorama mode you can set the image settings to be shown and captured in Grid and the resolution of the photo as simple HD or HDR which is the advance option in the latest version of iOS 5.

iPhone and other iOs operated devices are in focus because of these kind of features which enable the user to improve the workings of his or her interest fields. Like for image taking this feature is not available in any other smart phone. iOS devices are popular for their complex but facilitating applications.