Erasing Printer Pages By Laser Zapper

Thinking out of the box this idea seems superb as one can save a planet on a large scale by utilizing such concept to our printers. Some scientists from Cambridge University in England thought making the used paper useful for printing again. Talking about ourselves what do we do of those papers which are printed and now are useless for us any more? These crazy scientist make things go easy and straight.

The whole idea circulates around the idea toner can be vaporized from the paper and the paper can be used again without even damaging the paper from any aspect. So these genius people worked alot in finding out the correct frequency and duration of light that would evaporate the toner from the paper without damaging the paper. The experiments and the conclusions finally brought out that by using the green laser light at 532 nanometers with a pulse of 4 nanoseconds can do the work as one wants.

So this type of technology seems very important in future! Most probably it will be introduced along with new printer and by them you would be capable of making new things on the same paper by vaporizing the previous toner and ultimately saving the cost of the new papers and saving the planet as well.