Creating functional Prototypes for iPhone & iOS Apps

In Mac a new application has been introduced naming Prototypes which lets the user to create functional iOS application prototypes. This app also helps in sharing the newly developed application with other people and the best part is that no coding is required.

The procedure for making and publishing an app in prototype is very simple.

Following are the basic steps for providing you basic guidance and enjoy making new applications for iOS devices:

  1. The prototypes can be created from any Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, PSD, JPG, or any image file at all.
  2. just drag a few images into the app, define hotspots (touch locations)
  3. Setup some transitions
  4. Quickly preview or publish a prototype.

These touch-responsive prototypes will run directly from Safari on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, making it very easy to test a functional iOS interface. You can get this application from the Mac App Store for $30 and use it for bringing your ideas to life.

Now coming towards the publishing aspect after doing the basic development

  • Go to from an iOS device
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to bookmark the prototype URL to your iOS homescreen
  • Enter PIN: 1467 5639

That’s it and enjoy!