Creating Backup of iCloud manually from an iPhone or iPad

Keeping your backups of iphone and ipad is very easy if you once configure icloud setup in your iOS device. The backup starts automatically any time the device is connected to a power source and the synced computer is turned on and connected to the same wifi network.

Automatic backups are good but if you want to keep the most recent backup stored in icloud before doing the jailbreak or iOS restoration you must do a manual backup first.  Manual backups are also highly recommended if you don’t use the automatic backup feature.

Following are the steps for manually creating the backup from iphone or ipad:

First ensure you have iOS 5+ and iCloud, and a Wi-Fi connection for this to work:

  1. Now go to the menu and then Launch the “Settings” app
  2. Tap on “iCloud” and scroll to the bottom, then tap on “Storage & Backup”
  3. At the end of the page there is an option of “Back up now” click on it.

iOS device will give you an approximate time for the completion of backup process with a progress bar.  This process is quick but since it’s uploading to iCloud it is partially dependent on your internet connection speed.