Change carrier name on iPhone

You are using iPhone and it shows the carrier name on top of the screen. Sometimes, you think to change this carrier name, in fact want to replace it with your name or something else. There is a tool called fake operator which allows you to change the carrier name on your iPhone and replace it with any other name of your own choice. This fake operator is available on Cydia store. When you install this on your device, it needs jailbreak. Once it is installed and jailbreak has been made, you can change the carrier name from setting app.

These types of applications make iPhone a fun device and people love to have this kind of stuff. Since it is very easy and simple way to change the carrier name, and fake operator is easily available on Cydia store, many of the iPhone users have installed this tool on their devices. They jailbreak the device, install it and replace network name with their own name or with their loved ones. All these latest technologies and advancements have made a big change in human life as well as the things which are in human use.