Broadcast the iPhone’s Camera Live to an Apple TV with AirPlay

AirPlay is a useful application embedded in the iphone series. The basic purpose of this app is to mirror the video enabling the user to broadcast live images, videos from the iphone camera. Through Airplay the user can directly broadcast the video to Apple TV on the same network. For this the suggested version of iOS is 5 series and iphone 4S or ipod 2 with an embedded camera. One important point to be noted is that all the devices should be connected with the same wireless connection. If these all requirements are fulfilled then you are fully enable to broadcast the live coverage of any happening or image.

Following are the steps which help in setting up the live camera broadcast:

On the Apple TV:

  • For Apple TV first go the settings menu and select the Airplay feature which is disabled.
  • Select the enable option and your Apple TV is now ready to show what the iphone is broadcasting.

From the iPhone 4S or iPad 2:

  • Double click the home button and swipe to the right, then tap on the AirPlay button
  • Select the Apple TV and enable Mirroring
  • Now click the Home button again and tap on the Camera app to start the live feed

When all set the Apple TV will show whatever your iphone is transmitting to it.