A Space Ball Hits Brazil

According to the locals of the northeastern Brazilian state of Maranhão it was all calm and quite every one was busy in his daily routine while at a sudden something really hit hard to ground, it was like an earthquake or a crashing plane that banged the village. At first they people were feared to go near to it but when they look it was a hole dug quite feet down then they showed courage to peek in an what they found was a 110 pound metal sphere ball which almost brought an earthquake according to the people.

The question was where did it come from, so before getting more exciting about the news and predicting it to be a space junk of an orbit or thinking it to be an alien or a symbol of 2012 (the end of the world) let us tell you that it has been happening even before this time. A few years back there have been such event in which people thought that this is really came up something form any other orbit or planet but actually all it was the junks of the space shuttles or unmanned equipment floating around the world. So lets see what does this thing turn out to be! Leave your comments to tell us your views