Feeding iPhones Dictionary With New Words

Everyone by now is quite familiar with the way the applications in iPhone do respond to the users. Among this application that is installed on iPhone, the dictionary does hold out the best available use there is. It allows the users to use its services in translating and getting to know the words as well as adding new words into it. This can be easily done and people can let the phone’s dictionary register their words so that in future the phone may not prompt them with error messages or to change the data that they feed in the mobile. This does help while the user wants to carry out the tasks and while texting their friends.

To add new words to the dictionary the user just needs to use the words in safari google text entry instead of using it in the notes section. By doing so the user will see that after a few entries the phone’s dictionary will add it up in its record and will show the suggestion whenever the user is writing that word. This is beneficial when people need to write down the words in their own fashion of speech. No prompt for error will pop up once the word has been added to the dictionary.