Sculptures From Old Car Parts!

This is amazing. Tom Samui and his team are fond of making some sculptures from old car parts. This sounds crazy but no doubt that creativity asks no limits, its just you, you thoughts and your determination. These sculptures made from old car parts really require a hard effort and according to Tom it takes more than three to four month to complete one sculpture. I wonder whether these are for sale or not, but one thing is for sure these sculptures are mind boggling and are indeed a great piece of art.

Such art should be promoted as it makes more positive and recyclable use of the old car parts which are no longer of any use. Now there could be more imaginative idea if it is to be scaled at the commercial level. As by adding some paints and giving a plane proper look to these arts would make it definitely better than those on which government spend some money and they are properly than extracted from a metal. So in this way we could also save planet! Thumbs up for this genius artist, take a look at the pictures below!