Pegasus Sculpture Made From 3500 Phones

The creativity and art have no bound where this time it is a giant sculpture totally made up of smart phones and was brought out in front of theĀ entrance to the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. Now this antique work looked amazing and its surely a hell of work as all the smart phones are connected by the rods and then this whole 19 feet tall and 16 feet wing span structure was made. According to the developers its took them about 720 hours to make it. Chinese manufacturer Huawei commissioned the sculptureĀ and told that if it won’t stand out like it is to be as symbol of developing technology than they would bring back the sculpture and recycle it.

The Sculpture itself looks amazing and lovely catching the attentions of the visitors. It was all made from 3500 smart phones and its very good and motivating for the mobile manufacturers that they have produced a great success in cell phone history.