Mind Blowing One Line Art!

Chan Hwee Chong an unbelievable artist who stunned the world with his mind blowing art. Now this seemed totally impossible but he did that and made his name among the best artists of the world. Showing the talent of this young artist Faber Castell provided opportunity to make his art worth to show to the world as they figured a way with him and that is by simply advertising their  Faber Castell Artist Pen as Chan made fabulous arts from it. It showed his precision and control moreover it also helped to promote their product. So it was a good idea to make him ready for their new commercial.

The different and the interesting thing of this art is that Chang starts his work by just swinging one circle from inside out and making a portrait. The beautiful art shows the skills and the perception power of the artist as its now an easy job, perceiving image with the circle lines is really a mind blowing skill. For making your eyes believe look at the portraits and then the video!

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