Turn Your Obsolete Tech To Some Useful Thing!

Ever thought of doing some thing creative with that stored junk of tech toys you had. Inspite of knowing that they ain’t do anything except occupying some of your wardrobe space.

An Artist named Rodrigo Alonso made some good thing out of nothing. Well he took all his junk old obsolete tech stuff, put them in a mold of stool and started adding some clear Epoxy Resin in it which filled all the empty spaces. On drying he got a stool which seemed like some crunched techs held together in a large block of ice. So finally he could make use of all that recyclable material. No doubt it would be having  some odd looks like not fitting in house with other furniture but surely with some decorative artistic patterns and even the use of some colourful resins can make it look better in your room.

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