Flying In Safety – A Spin Resistant Aircraft

Certified by the FAA as “spin-resistant” We came to an aircraft where your life and safety matters first. We have all been travelling through many air-crafts and every time we just have a little fear that what in case the engines malfunction or something worst happens and aircraft starts stalling. Icon A5 is the aircraft to answer these situations. This newly designed plane is much safer and much adaptable then other air-crafts for flying.

We know that usually a skilled pilot atleast needs a 500m altitude to cover its stall or spin. But what if there is no 500m gap or there is no such skilled pilot in the cockpit. Discussing the stall and spin first, it actually happens when there is not enough speed  of the plane or engines turn off, it eventually falls from the sky and it is a really tough situation for pilot to coop up. Exiting from stall and taking the plane to an optimum position with in a minimum time is a challenging job. Another situation is when one wing gets stall and the plane gets in spin.

Icon A5 is a safety precaution plan which has “cuffs” on the leading edge of each wing  which helps the plane to stay in position and by making enough wind flowing over the wings which don’t stalls the plan allowing the pilot to tackle the situation easily. Even in extreme conditions when there is no hope a parachute eventually opens which takes the plane to the ground and your life is safe.

Icon A5 would be a recommendable plane for the beginners and even in case of private planes. It has a light weight body and its wings are electronically controlled which folds and the plane fits in your garage. $140,000 is the cost of the plane for pre-order. No doubt its a great plane to have a safe flight!


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