With an iPhone you can now drive a car

iPhone has proven that it is more than something which we can call it a smart phone. Besides having so much application for almost everything the latest is the application which literally drives a car for you. You do not need to hold the wheel of the car for navigating but just turn your iphone in that direction and tap on the screen for controlling the Gas, and Brakes. Isn’t it cool!

  • This application works but before that you are required to do some arrangements in the car.
  • You need to fix two motors which can apply and release pressure on the paddles of accelerator and brake and on the seat another motor connect with chain to the starring which apply torque for making turns and keeping the car on the track.
  • Then some complex wireless communication devices are induced.
  • These devices connect iphone with the motors to transmit the information precisely and in time.
  • After setting up all you can track your vehicle with a laptop and an iphone too.

It was said to drive car with the figure tip and now it has become a reality. You just have a small screen in front of you and free to go anywhere you like.