You can block iPhone caller ID

If you want to be anonymous to others or block your number at recipient end, you can do it. When you turn off your caller ID from your phone, it will block your number and receiver will not get your number. It will appear as blocked number at receiver end. This is helpful to you when you want to keep your identity hidden to receiver, but normally no one likes to show his number as blocked or hidden on receiver’s screen. There is another way to show your number as blocked, if you make phone call and adds *67 at start of dialed number, the receiver will not get your phone number on his screen. Here is the guideline to block iPhone caller ID to others.

  • At first, you will launch settings and tap on phone option.
  • At next window, you will see ‘show my caller ID’ option, tap on it to open.
  • Slide will show you show my caller ID turned on by default; you will tap it to turn it off. Once you are done, close it and your number will not show up at receiver screen.