Top 10 features of Window 8

5. History Vault

Windows’ long-time “restore to a given purpose in time” perform are going to be renamed History Vault and become like OS X’s Time Machine. it’ll be a additional sturdy tool that takes a “snapshot” copy of the complete contents of your Windows eight computer’s arduous drive and then allows you to simply restore things to that previous system state.

4. Built-In PDF Reader

Microsoft could embody the potential for Windows eight to load and show PDFs; with its own PDF reader they are calling trendy Reader. Therefore there’ll be no a lot of have to be compelled to download and install Adobe Reader or its speedier competitor Fox it Reader. The user interface and appearance of recent Reader is full-on Metro.

3. ISO Mounting

It looks like you will be ready to mount an ISO file to Windows eight and access its contents as if it’s an information CD or DVD drive. Having this functionality in previous versions of Windows has been obtainable solely as a third-party program, like Virtual Clone Drive or Daemon Tools.

2. File Download Verification

First implemented into web Explorer, it’s like Microsoft is also expanding its Smart Screen filter feature throughout the Windows eight ecosystem. Therefore once you attempt to download a file, Smart Screen can kick in and evaluate whether or not the supply URL is thought to distribute malware.

1. Aero Auto-Colorization

Here’s one thing that does not address the essential nuts-and-bolts of Windows eight, however might be fun: Aero may be set to automatically amendment colours of your Windows theme based mostly on the first colors of a desktop wallpaper image you utilize. The result might be harmonious or awful, of course. This is often one among those tinker-around-with toys. There is already a program that wills an equivalent factor for Windows seven referred to as Aura.

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