Top 10 features of Window 8

The new OS is a drastic break from previous Windows versions, and the company has learned a lot from the two competitors that most threaten its existence: Apple and Google. What we’ve seen of Windows 8 shows a clear emphasis on touch-capable interfaces and optimization for smaller devices like tablets.

10. Windows Phone 7’s theme and UI

Microsoft confirmed that Windows eight can have a tiles-based interface. Known as Immersive, this GUI is supposed to be utilized in full-screen mode, and is perhaps targeted at tablets running Windows eight.

9. Ribbon User Interface in Explorer

It looks like Microsoft is taking the Ribbon GUI that they introduced in workplace 2007, and gradually extended to their alternative software merchandise as well as Windows Live necessities 2011 and Windows eight. Therefore expect a Ribbonized Explorer.

8. Cloud Integration

The Windows eight Explorer interface suggests it’ll access Microsoft’s cloud services, probably SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh. SkyDrive is a web cupboard space that you simply will place your files in, and Mesh helps you to sync your different Windows computers and mobile devices remotely. each are already on the market by putting in Windows Live necessities 2011 onto Windows seven or Vista.

7. ARM Processor Support

Indicating Microsoft is maybe trying to position Windows eight for pill use moreover, the corporate confirmed the OS can support ARM, the processor used principally in embedded systems and mobile devices.

6. Windows Live Integration

Along with being additional wedded to Microsoft’s cloud services, the Windows eight preview suggests that you’re going to be ready to use your Windows Live (or Hotmail) account to log into your Windows eight pc. The profile image of your Windows Live user profile would then seem to the so much right of the system tray.

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