The One Note Android App

So a much awaited one note has been released by the developers on Android. Previously we have seen that One Note app was available on Windows Phone then it was made available on iPhone and now finally the Microsoft made it available on the Android market as well.

Its functioning the same as it functioned on iOS, you log in your account and it will synchronize all your feeds and then at offline mode you can access them. So here in Android market the One Note app is free and you can download it direct via your phone, its is compatible for all 2.3 and above devices. Now the bad part is that they made the things to go same in market as well, which mean like iOS you can feature to your first 500 notes then after that you will have to pay $4.99 to refresh it, or else you would only be able to view, delete and synchronize your notes. So to have the editing in grip you will have to spend those $4.99

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