Installing and uninstall limera1n greenpois0n

Installing and uninstalling prisonbreak software is a long multi stage process. Here is how to do this:

Step 1) Backup Jailbroken Apps

  • The most important step to initiate this is to make a backup for jailbroken apps.
  • Download “APTBackup” available on internet and from Cydia
  • Run the APTBackup app and tap “Backup” and then sync with iTunes to store the jailbreak backup list

Step 2) Uninstall the Jailbreak

Before uninstalling make sure to take the following steps

  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes
  • Click on the “Restore” button with iTunes
  • Select “Yes” that you would like to restore your iPhone and backup your files
  • After completing the restore process the iOS device will automatically reboot and jailbreak is uninstalled

Step 3) Re-install a New Jailbreak

After uninstalling and restoring the phone you are free to install any jailbreak software of your choice.

  • Green poison and Limera1n are easily available on internet according to your machine different versions for Windows and Mac OS X downloads it accordingly.
    • Go through the jailbreak process as usual with either utility
    • Jailbreaking is easy, just follow the instructions
    • Once the iPhone is jailbroken, re-install the aforementioned APTBackup from Cydia
    • Tap on “Restore” from within APTBackup to reinstall all the jailbroken apps you had installed before