Unbelievable 3D Art!

How much of you love to see 3D content and 3D top class movies with all those things seems like merging out of the screen. We all know that they use picture overlapping technology in 3D to make it look like 3D but what if some one tells you that he has seen a 3D art from some artist, that would be totally unbelievable. We found out a Japanese Artist making some breath taking 3D arts. Its quite a ambitious and patience job to make 2D looking picture in to 3D as the artist have to lay hundreds of layers to make the image in to 3D.

Riusuke Fukahori is the Japanese artist who does the job. He has a keen interest in Goldfish, so his 3D art is more or less circling around the Goldfish. As told by Riusuke he add resins with his paints and buckets to make the thing in 3D, each layer is painted and then a resin is laid over it then again painted and put the resin until and unless the whole picture is completed. Each fish and each part is created separately which really is a tough and tiring job. Ultimately with the completion of each layer the resins look more like a water and the fishes look like to be real. The big advantage of such type artistic qualities is that you can view the object from any angle and it will look like a real object telling its viewer as if it is immersed in the water.

Take a look at the video which explains each and every step of Riusuke, that how he does the fantastic work