How to run Firebug on iPad or iPhone

Fire bug is the tool used for web development. User can inspect and modify page elements in a real time, HTML, CSS, or Java Script. It is mostly taken as firefox browser’s plug in.  But now different versions like Fire bug Lite and a little bookmarklet hack can directly run in Safari on iOS. In iOS you can easily run FireBug, here is how you can run it:

  1. To initiate the working of Fire Bug in Safari bookmark a web page from Safari in iOS and rename the bookmark to “Firebug”
  1. Select all the text script on the page and then tap the option of Copy.
  2. After copying edit the fire bug bookmark and remove the URL  replacing it with the javascript you copied from the page in second step.
  3.  Go to the Done option and tap on it , Hit the bookmarklet to activate fire bug lite on the ipad.


For screen real estate purposes, Firebug will look best on the iPad, but it works on the iPhone and iPod touch with Safari too.

You probably won’t be getting tons of serious web development done with this, but it’s a great trick and definitely usable enough to make minor changes and quick adjustments to web elements while using iOS.