How to find iOS Apps Stored Locally in Mac OS X

With the usage of iphone, iOS apps are downloaded as bundles with .ipa file extensions. These extension files are stored in different places other than your selected location. The difficulty of finding the app bundles can be solved by following the steps and tips given below.

  • Access the directories by hitting Command+Shift+G .
  • Now go below folder. Note the path may be different depending on the OS:
    • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
    • Mac OS X 10.6: ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/

.ipa formatted files seems small in size because of the incidental pause during download from itunes. This pause of downloading does not mean that you do not own the app, only you are required to download it again and completely. Generally the app sizes are reasonable enough and you wouldn’t need to move this directory to another drive, but for unique scenarios, go for the same methodology of moving iOS backups to another drive and using symbolic links to keep everything working is intended.

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