10 Best Visual Effects from Hollywood in 2011

Who cares about excessive CGI-dependence of Hollywood movies as long as they are as spectacular as Avatar, Transformers or even Clash of the Titans to name a few. So, here is a list of best visual effects in movies from 2011. Sit back and enjoy.

Be warned: Spoiler await

No 10. The Adjustment Bureau

Scene: Door-to-Door

In this amazing piece from George Nolfi, the most dizzying sequence comes at the end, when Matt Damon and Emily Blunt’s characters sprint through various magical doors, seamlessly teleporting from one New York location to another. Thanks to the VFX house’s before-and-after highlight reel, the door-to-door effect was delivered with tremendous impact.

No 9. Immortals

Scene: Clashing with Titans

In Tarsem Singh’s Immortals, people are shown hanging and twisting in midair after being killed and this effect shows up multiple times during the movie, but the brawl that follows the Titans’ prison break is the most stunning.

No 8. Hugo

Scene: Paris Overflight

Hugo begins with an extended overflight of a snowy Paris in 1931. The entirely digital cityscape is convincing, but it’s truly stunning when the camera nosedives into the rail terminal, through the crowds and past the walls to follow the eponymous hero’s hidden route among the station’s pipework and clockwork gears.

No 7. Battle: Los Angeles

Scene: Command Center

Without doubt the most amazing scene if this fast-paced thriller comes when an alien command center rises from the depths of Los Angeles tearing through the elevated freeway with a convincing mass and bulk. The command center can be seen at the end of the trailer.

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