Apple’s Users Spend 19% More On Shopping Online Than Android’s

RichRelevance, a retail customization firm, conducted a non-orthodox deep research about different mobile users’ online shopping behavior this week. Study reveals that iPhone and iPad users spend more on the content online than they spend on mobile actually. 3.4billion online shopping transactions were monitored between April and December; about 92% mobile visits were from users of iOS.

The study revealed that desktop customers showed prudence and on average spent $87 shopping online. That of Android was $101 on average and $123 of iOS. RichRelevance further reported that mobile phone purchase only accounted to 3% of total shopping but showed an increasing trend.

Research didn’t reveal the reason behind low spending behavior of Android users, may be it’s because users with low income prefer Android. Another study by Distimo’s, also revealed that iOS users spend more on mobile apps online.