Assign More Secure Passcode to your iPhone or iPod Touch

Do you want to make your iPhone secure? You use a four digit password to unlock your iPhone but you probably have come to know it is not enough to secure it. There should be a strong security code for unlocking procedure. Well! Apple was aware of what you want and you can set more secure passcode with mixture of numbers and albhabets. It’s really a great new who were waiting for more secure technique. You can apply alpha-numeric passcode by using configuration utility of your iPhone device.

Follow below steps to set up a secure password.

  • Download iPhone configuration utility.
  • Go to app and choose “Configuration Profiles” from left panel of window.
  • New button will display on toolbar. Click on it to open windows for new profile.
  • Select “Passcode” option and then “Configure” to configure the passcode.
  • Choose “Require passcode on device”, enter setting options and then click “Export” button.
  • Head over “Export Configuration Profile” box and select “None” from dropdown menu.
  • Save configuration file on your Windows or MAC computer. Now you can send file to email adrees that is accessible through your iPhone device.
  • Get attachment from email on your iPhone and then install the configuration file. Enter passcode to complete the whole procedure. That’s all!