Make Airplane holder with airsickness bag to hold your iPhone

Have you seen do it yourself stuff for your iPhone? There are really nice and cool stuff that you can create by yourself such as wooden iPhone 3G Dock, iPhone Game Accessory, iPhone Document scanner and iPhone dock using blinder clips and many more.

Here you will find another great do-it-yourself material that use airsickness bag for holding your iPhone. This trick is especially for those people who always spend their energy in doing less work. Americans are always in search of way to improve their exerted effort and so this feature would make them happy enough.

If you are in airplane you can get airsickness bag that is available readymade in order to hold your iPhone. You will find it more useful while watching video on your iPhone when you are in plane.

So what you need to do for creating this stuff in plane? It is quite simple friends. Follow below points to make Airplane holder for your iPhone device.

  • Take readily-available airsickness bag.
  • Now cut down the sickness bag portions for iPhone screen that is 3.5 inches.
  • Put it into tray table and you can adjust its height for achieving the good viewing angle. Sit relax on seat and enjoy video on iPhone that you set in Airplane holder.

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