Wi-Fi Connection Problems In iPhone

Many of the iPhone users have complained about the Wi-Fi connection problems they have to face while using their handsets.


One of the common issues that the users are facing is that they are simply unable to turn on/off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is primarily because instead of the Wi-Fi address, some random address like zeros or NA is displayed in the settings. In order to troubleshoot this problem, users after having confirmed that airplane mode has been turned off on their phones should reset the network settings, turn on the Bluetooth by tapping settings and then check the Wi-Fi connection agan.

The other Wi-Fi problem that the iPhone users are facing frequently is that their phones don’t locate or connect to the nearby Wi-Fi network. To fix this, one needs to turn the Wi-Fi off for a while and then turn it on again, restart the iOS device, then turn the Wi-Fi router off for while and again turn it on, reset the network settings and finally upgrade the Wi-Fi router to the latest firmware.