Get Lion Recovery Disk Assistant for your MAC

MAC OS X Lion is the major version of MAC operating system. Lion Recovery is built in OS X Lion in order to repair or reinstall the OS X without physical disc requirement. Lion Recovery Disk Assistant helps you in creating Lion recovery on external device that contains some capabilities like reinstall OS X Lion, restore from machine backup, repair disk or search for the web page by using Safari browser. If you don’t know how to use Lion Recovery Disk Assistant then follow below simple steps.

  • Go to Apple website and download Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. Link to download is:
  • To open .dmg file, double click on it and it will be opened.
  • Now double click on recovery assistant icon.
  • Click on “Agree” button to accept software license agreement.
  • Attach your USB drive to your computer. It should be at least 4 gigs. You data will be deleted from USB so before plug in shift important data to any other location.
  • Select drive and then click on “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Now sit back and it will do processing automatically. You just need to write password when prompted.

That’s all. Restart your Mac computer to use the recovery disk. Enjoy!

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