Apple To Launch 4G-Capable iPhone In 2012

Rumor has it that one of the biggest disappointments on the iPhone 4S’ launch of incompatibility with 4G network will be resolved next year when Apple is expected to join the LTE club.

According to industry sources, the entrance of Apple into the 4G LTE smartphone market is believed to come at the time during the next year when Nokia, Research in Motion and Sony Ericsson will launch their respective next-generation high-speed handsets.

Reports claimed earlier this year that Apple had aimed building an LTE-capable iPhone in 2011, but purposely decided to hold back the launch until 2012. The reason given for this was that the implementation of LTE networks had not yet gotten matured enough to meet the minimum acceptable level of Apple.

Tim Cook himself said during a quarterly conference call that poor battery life and other issues with LTE technology in its present form were good enough to put off the company from pursuing an LTE iPhone at the time.