How to free activate UDID for iOS 5 beta on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

There are multiple services that are use in order to activate UDID of your iOS device by giving cost. Do you wish to adopt these services for free? Of course Yeah! Now it is now possible to activate UDID of your device with free price.

You can get services for free but there is only one issue that you will have to face. The issue is, there are limited services for free UDID activation and based on priority level. It means that the user who comes first will be served firstly and so on.

All you need to like our page that is created on face book and also let inform that what are the wonderful features that you like the most? Subscriber who gets activation luckily will be informed through email address. Procedure is described clearly in below steps.


When activation completes, download iOS 5 and iTunes beta 5. Enjoy