Top Ten Weirdest Military Tech

The Military technology have never been so strange and weird. The innovations keep on getting better and better, the following article will definitely make you go laugh and disturbed as well. Here we listed down the top ten weirdest military technological advancement.

# 10 Animal Bombs

The Technology was used in the World War II by three distinguishing nations.

  • U.S.A used bats with tiny incendiary bombs since the bats are capable to carry more weight than their own weight and use to hide under the building roofs in the morning. The U.S.A used them since they were found in a great number.
  • The British used dead rats with plastic explosives inside.
  • In the Soviet Union, anti-tank dogs were taught to believe that food was present beneath armored vehicles and tanks. These dogs were then loaded with explosives and charged them into the battle field and they went straight under the tanks and got detonated.

# 9 The Sword Breaker

A strange and divers class of daggers used in the Middle Ages known as the sword breaker; it was a long strapping dagger with notches cut on one side of the blade. During an expedition the knight can grab or catch his adversary’s sword with it and can break it with a swift action of his blade.

# 8 The Man Catcher

It was a type of pole weapon with two prongs to grip its victim, each of which is semicircular with a spring loaded trap on the front. It was used in the medieval ages to control violent and aggressive prisoners.


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