What’s the problem with writing your Password?

One question probably comes in your mind that what’s wrong to write password for home user? Here you will find a deep knowledge that why you should write password or you should not write password.

For work users, you don’t need to write your password but for home users, it is better to write down the passwords.

For work user:

When you have to suffer several hours at a desk on each day, passwords that you use mostly are related to applications that you need to complete your work like corporate database or email etc. Here is the reason why you should not write your password or use another option for passwords that can easily be remembered.

  • Might possible it is against Company policies to write password.
  • If someone gets your password and does wrong with your desk computer then you could be fired from company.
  • Your account probably not secure even after applying your password.

For home user:

If you are a home user, then your important passwords are bank, email or FaceBook. These passwords should be secure because they belong to you only. It does not matter that you write your password on Windows or not. Reasons are given below:

  • You password can be cracked if somebody got physical access on it.
  • Banking and email passwords could be stolen online.

It is recommended that always choose separate password for each individual account. Your password should be strong. Also don’t write pet, school, child or mom name that could easily guess by unauthorized person.