Launch of iPhone 5 Hint By AT&T

The rumor is that iPhone 5 will be released in September and for that AT&T is making a delay in the vacations of their employees. They are saying that next iPhone will probably release in the last two weeks of September.

This rumor about the release came from an AT&T employee who was sent to Gizmodo on Friday.

Through email he said that, he is the employee of the AT&T and their made an announcement that vacations will be at the end of September because they want release of iPhone in the last two weeks of September.

Whenever the iPhone release was to be made Apple blocked their employee’s vacation, just like when Verizon iPhone was to be launched in February and for iPhone 4 release in the previous year.

Al this shows that Apple’s next smartphone would be launched in September. Digitimes one year before in its report showed that iPhone was to be shipped in September. Next hint for the iPhone came from the AppleInsider and in its report Apple said that near September it will undergo a future product transition.

The major problem is about the latest rumor, if the AT&T is blocking the vacations for employees then it is not for the release of next iPhone, quiet possible they are for the release Hewlett-Packard’s Pre 3 in fall.

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