iOS 5 Jailbreak Not Affected through OTA Delta Updates

When the delta updates for iOS 5 was to be released users were really not able to understand what the jailbreakers mean from this jailbreak. Currently everyone is using greenpoison or redsnow in order to jailbreak the latest iOS firmware. When the baseband of the iPhone iOS 5 are preserved manually then how could we jailbreak it?

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team told the people regarding the delta updates. While downloading the delta firmware you don’t need to download the whole firmware file but the changes should only be downloaded. So without connecting to your computer you can easily upgrade your firmware file on the device.

For iOS 5 will the Apple provide you or not with the option to turn off OTA updates but you can still disable OTA update by Jailbreaking the device if the option is not available for you. It was said that iOS 5 jailbreak will not be affected through OTA delta updates

So this shows that there is a great chance to jailbreak iOS 5. Now we are just waiting that who would be the first one to release iOS 5 jailbreak.

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