Browse Cydia on Your Computer

In order to jailbreak iOS devices Cydia is the best option for the users. Through it you can easily jailbreak various apps, themes and tweaks. We are provided with various options for instead of using Cydia we can use recently redeveloped Icy and the browser based installer Lima, but Cydia is of great importance for the users. The plethora of content is accessible through Cydia and is a web app which is developed by Planet iPhones to browse Cydia directly from your Computer.  The Lima new version is also releasing soon so now Cydia is preferred more.

For Cydia Search it is not necessary to jailbreak your device. It can be done without Jailbreaking iOS device. New users should try Cydia Search. The question arises here is that, why should I jailbreak my device?

You just need to follow some procedures in order to jailbreak your device. This is how you could jailbreak pwnagetool 4.3.3 (mac), iOS 4.3.3 untethered using Snowbreeze (win) and redsnow (mac/win). Same is the case on iOS 4.3.2; you can jailbreak it with different versions like pwnagetool 4.3.2 (mac), iOS 4.3.2 untethered using Snowbreeze (win) and redsnow (mac/win).

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