Top 10 Military Bases

#10. Changi Naval Base

The Changi Naval Base is the state of Singapore Navy’s latest and biggest base situated on 86 ha of domesticated land east of Changi. The Changi Naval Base is the replacement for the base at Pulau Brani just in order to meet the expanding requirements of the naval forces; CNB has twice the land area, five times the berthing space and deeper waters capable of berthing aircraft carriers. It also houses the Changi Naval Training base.

Changi Naval Base

#9. Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe at Naples

The Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH) is one of three regional subordinate commands of NATO’s Allied Command Europe (ACE). The Commander-in-Chief of AFSOUTH (CINCSOUTH) is a four-star U.S. Navy admiral. His area of responsibility comprises Greece, Italy, Turkey and the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe at Naples

#8. Canadian Forces Base Halifax

The Canadian Forces Base Halifax (CFB Halifax) is Canada’s East Coast naval base. It is subjected as the home port to the Atlantic Armada. It is the largest military base in Canada in terms of the number of posted employees. It is shaped from a diversity of armed forces properties around strategic Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia. CFB Halifax gives construction engineering, general and specific mandated safety, environmental management, logistics, harbour support and emergency response services to Maritime Forces Atlantic and assigned lodger units.

Canadian Forces Base Halifax

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