iOS Notifications in a modified new style

The new notification arrives in iOS 5 meeting the expectations of many. This new notification center was one of the most demanded improvement that made its appearance with the new iOS. Users can access it by sliding down their finger from the top to reveal the notifications bar, telling you which app were recently installed on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (having iOS 5 installed on them).

This new add-on might appear to be an old memoir of android’s notification system yet the difference lies in the fact that users would be able to slide down the bar and upon selecting the notification would instantly be taken to it. Useless notification can be removed by a simple touch on the x marked spot on the right hand side. This new add-on would be an amazing new add-on to help facilitate the users in keeping a check on their notifications at their ease. Though it seems that the developer of “MobileNotifier” is the on who designed it, who is currently working for Apple now. No further wait can be put in iOS 5 Beta versions since with these add-ons people are now eager to get their first hands on experience with them. Though it seems the wait ends with WWDC 2011’s event

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