Top 10 Reasons for Car Accidents

While many of you might not be aware that deaths resulting from car accidents far exceed the numbers for plane crashes, but due to greater media coverage, air travel is perceived more dangerous. In 2009, the total number of deaths resulting from car accidents in the United States was 33,808. Today, we number the top ten reasons for car accidents.

No 10. Product defects

No product is ever made perfect, and cars are definitely no different. Automobiles have hundreds of parts working in tandem and if any of those is defective, it can cause a serious car accident. Many automobile companies have had problems with design of their cars in the past; it’s nothing unique or rare, including Ford Explorer rollover accidents and Toyota’s unintended acceleration crashes.

No 9. Teenage drivers

Who isn’t annoyed by the reckless teenage drivers? When teen drivers hit the roads, they don’t always know what to do, and that lack of experience leads to terrible car accidents. According to ibid, teenagers although make up only 10% of the U.S. population, they suffer 14% of all vehicular fatalities and 20% of all reported crashes.

No 8. Rain

As romantic it may be, rain is not good for driving. In 2007, over 1,600 car accidents occurred during bad weather conditions, which apart from rain, included snow, or sleet conditions and was the cause of 18,000 deaths. To avoid accident in rain, drive extra careful and try to stay as far away from the road as possible if you are a pedestrian.

No 7. Night driving

Taking on the road at night almost doubles your chances of experiencing a car accident. When you can’t see what’s up ahead, you really aren’t ready for anything that comes out of the dark. Despite less than half the traffic of day time, more than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur at night.

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