The Top 10 Most Influential Leaders

A Hero is born to make his people and country prosper, his fate and destiny is predefined since his birth, he will sacrifice himself for the cause of his country and well being of mankind, he will do whatever he can to defend his mother land and bring peace and harmony to his kingdom. In our world heroes born in every era they are not aliens, do not belong to other planet nor they have super powers but indeed they have strong iron will capable of bringing the moon down to earth. We made a list of such influential leaders on the basis of their will power, strength and hard work for the prosperity of their nation. Our Top Ten list for the most influential personalities starts with;


#10 Francisco Pizzaro

Spanish Conqueror

Francisco Pizzaro was the Spanish Conqueror, the accounts say that he was a swine farmer in his early days and there is no evidence that he received any formal education regarding military warfare.  In 1513 he participated in his first expedition as a soldier and from there his career in military started. In 1519 he remained in Panama as a colonizer and then in 1523 served as Mayor and magistrate of Panama City. He defeated the Inca Empire in his era of commandership, established city of Lima, Peru and opened way for the Spanish culture and religion to dominate South America. He conqured largest territory of any military leader and delivered most riches to his country with smallest expenditure and resources.

Francisco Pizzaro

#9 Cyrus the Great

Persian King

Cyrus the Great was a Persian king and one of the earliest influential leaders for whom reliable records still survives. It is difficult to say about his birth date, Cyrus has been believed to born between 600 and 585 B.C. He was a son of Cambyses I, member of Achaemenid dynasty. Mythologies say that Cyrus was banished to mountains, suckled by a wolf and later raised by a shepherd. The First reliable information comes from 558 B.C, when he became the ruler of the Persian district named Anshan. A few years after Cyrus began rebellion against Median Empire, in a three year war Cyrus defeated them and merged their forces into his army. Then he started his career as a warrior and conquered Lydia and Babylon and united them into a single empire. His entire strength lies in the strategy of invading, conquering and uniting the defeated ones. His kingdom prospered for two centuries as the world’s leading power. Cyrus is our top number nine most influential leader of all time.


Cyrus the Great

The Tomb of Cyrus (Persia)

#8 Charlemagne (Charles the Great)

Frankish King

Charlemagne was the king of Franks and the Holy Roman Empire. He conducted almost continous military operations to extend his territory and influence over the Europe. He was known as a “Light in the Dark Ages,” he was the most influential leader of the middle ages because of his vast military assets which dominated battlefield and their victories led to uniting Germanic, Roman and Christian cultures into what became the cornerstone of European civilization.

Charles the Great

Charles the Great

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