Any Mac With A Firewire Port Running OS X Lion Can Be Hacked Within Minutes [Report]

OS X Lion is being hailed by several as the most secure operating system until now, not just from Apple.

But behind all the talk, there’s a massive security hole in OS X Lion that has been there at least since Snow Leopard. Any Mac with a Firewire port is defenseless to it, and it’s so simple to exploit that any hacker with physical access to your computer can dig up your password within minutes.

According to Passware, Inc, a provider of password recovery and decryption tools, it is achievable to extract any Mac’s administrator password using the Firewire port, even if that Mac is in sleep mode.

However, the good news is that it’s an uncomplicated thing to secure your Mac, once you know about the vulnerability Just turn off the “Automatic Login” setting and shut down your system completely instead of putting it into sleep.