The Future Of Apple’s Mobile Devices Beyond The iPhone 5

“The pre-paid market in the US is fairly anemic, but dominates Asia and Africa and holds a fair portion of the market in Europe and Latin America. This huge potential market is likely making Apple’s shareholders salivate and would provide a burst of growth to the company if it were able to launch a product cheap enough to appeal to a non-subsidised pre-paid customer,” Matthew Panzarino writes for The Next Web. “This is why rumors of a lower-end iPhone have caught fire so quickly. It makes good business sense.”

“But those rumors have been supplemented in recent weeks by talk of a thinner and lighter iPhone 5 ‘flagship’ model, an ‘iPad HD’ later this year and the iPod 3G,” Panzarino writes. “Many of these rumors are backed by ‘sources familiar with the matter’ and some of them are even contradictory. Why is it that we see so many people that are absolutely sure of the existence of new products coming from Apple? And why is it that many times they don’t materialize on schedule?”

Panzarino writes, “There’s actually a very simple answer to this question. Apple has its device roadmap planned, and in some cases built, much further out than the iPhone 5, iPod touch 3G, iPhone light and iPad HD.”

“It is possible that Apple will address pre-paid customers through an entirely new line of iPhones at a more aggressive price. There are examples in the history of the company that speak to its desire to dominate an entire market, the iPod being a recent example,” Panzarino writes. “The appearance of a 3G-enabled iPod touch first, as a forerunner for a future ‘lite’ iPhone, feels like a more likely outcome at this point.”

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