iPhone Owners Play Games 14.7 Hours Per Month

As per a new Nielsen study, iPhone owners are leading the gaming pack, setting new standards for mobile game playing.

While an average mobile gamer plays for 7.8 hours a month on average, iPhone owners almost double that number, playing iOS games an average of 14.7 hours a month. If that sounds impressive, remember that a hardcore console gamer will play games for about 13-14 hours each week. Still, it is clear that smartphone gaming has gotten of age. Even Android with its rather paltry selection of games now averages 9.3 hours of play per month. Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and non-smartphones presently lag behind, averaging about 4.5 hours of play per month.

Perhaps the most significant statistics Nielsen gives are the percentages of new game downloads. As it can be seen above, Feature phone (non-smartphones) and BlackBerry users play mostly whatever games are preloaded on their phone. However, newer, more app-friendly platforms like iPhone, WP7, and Android have totally reversed this trend. The majority of gamers on these platforms are going out and discovering, then downloading games on their own. This is a very positive sign for the future of gaming on these platforms. It demonstrates that their user base is far more engaged and eager to try new things.